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York University and Lakehead University offer several courses a year that align with the goals and priorities of PEASE.

Graduate Diploma in Environmental/Sustainability Education at York University

The York University Graduate Diploma in Environmental/Sustainability Education is offered jointly by the graduate programs in Education and Environmental Studies. It is designed to provide opportunities for educators in schools, community organizations, cultural institutions, and advocacy groups to develop expertise and to participate in research, theory, and practice in the fields of environmental and sustainability education.

The diploma responds to longstanding interest in environmental and sustainability education from teachers, graduate students, park interpreters, and conservation authorities. It is an opportunity for participants to focus their studies on the environmental implications of education and the role of education in sustainability in its broadest sense.


The diploma is offered to two groups of students: – those already enrolled in an Environmental Studies or Education graduate program (A); or, – those not studying for the degree but interested in the diploma alone (B).

Option A: Degree Concurrent

(Concurrently with a graduate degree): Any student admitted to the MEd, MES, or PhD degree in either the Faculties of Education or Environmental Studies may register for the Option A Diploma within the first year of the degree program in which they are registered. Requirements for this option include

  • four half- courses in environmental/sustainability education (EDUC or ENVS); and,
  • the completion of a thesis or research project on a topic related to the field of study.

Eligibility: In order to be eligible for the Option A Diploma, candidates must first be admitted to either the graduate program in Education or Environmental Studies.

Option B: Direct Entry

(Stand-alone, direct entry/no degree): This option is offered only within the Faculty of Education and is designed to provide opportunities for graduate level study of theory and research in environmental/sustainability education to practicing teachers and school administrators, people working in community organizations and cultural institutions, and to members of advocacy groups. Requirements for the Option B Diploma include fiver half-courses in environmental/sustainability education (EDUC or ENVS), to be approved by the Diploma Coordinator in the students’s program of study.

Eligibility: In order to be eligible for the Option B Diploma, candidates must first be admissible to the graduate program in education.

Required Courses (both options)

  • ENVS 6140 – Environmental Education
  • EDUC 5444 – Education and Sustainability
  • EDUC 5445 – Education, Sustainability, and the Ecological Crisis

Sample Electives

Education Courses

  • EDUC 5370 – Environmental Themes in Storytelling and First Nations Traditions
  • EDUC 5440 – Urban Education
  • EDUC 5446 – Ecology, Ethics, and Education
  • EDUC 5464 – Issues in Globalization and Education
  • EDUC 5545 – The Reggio Emilia Approach to Early Childhood Education
  • EDUC 5615 – Education and Social Justice in Postmodernity
  • EDUC 5800 – Critical Pedagogy
  • EDUC 5850 – Science, Technology, and Society

Environmental Studies Courses

  • ENVS 5010 – Bioregional Field Course
  • ENVS 5164 – Environmental Economics
  • ENVS 6114 – Sustainable Development for Canada
  • ENVS 6118 – Applied Ecology
  • ENVS 6144 – Action Learning
  • ENVS 6149 – Culture and the Environment
  • ENVS 6150 – Popular Education for Social Change
  • ENVS 6153 – Native/Canadian Relations
  • ENVS 6189 – GIS Applications in Planning and Resource Management

How to apply

The requirements for admission the MEd and PhD in Education are outlined in the York University website at

The requirements for admission to the Direct Entry graduate diploma (Option B) are the same as for the MEd and are outlined at

The requirements for admission to the MES and PhD in Environmental Studies are outlined in the York University website at

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